101 Salads: The One with Cucumbers and Mustard

salad1This salad takes just a bit of planning ahead. It reminded me why trying 101 salads is a good idea: I would likely not have come up with this combination on my own, but I really liked it. I made mine quite mustardy (about 1:1 vinegar and mustard), and I think next time I make it I will make the vinegar to mustard ratio a little higher (um, if that means more vinegar, less mustard; I don’t claim to remember everything I learned in math class).

Slice cucumbers thin (if they’re fat and old, peel and seed them first), toss with red onions and salt, then let sit for 20 to 60 minutes. Rinse, dry, dress with cider vinegar mixed with Dijon mustard; no oil necessary.


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