I recently found a four-cup French press at a thrift store and have been using it to press out concentrate for cold-brew coffee. This could not be easier. I like my coffee pretty strong, so one cup of coffee grounds usually only yields about four or five drinks, but even so, it’s probably a money saver over buying those same drinks out.

In honor of the Olympics, here are 7 British foods to enjoy.

And also in honor of the Olympics, I think we might like these gyros (the connection being the Greek-ness of the Olympics and of the gyros, in case you didn’t get that).

I loved Magic Shell as a kid, and I’m intrigued by this homemade version.

We finally tried Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos, and they were so good. I’d like to try these as a freezer meal as well.

When my mom comes for lunch, it’s a good opportunity to try new recipes (both because she can keep the kids at bay while I cook and because she’s up for about anything). Last week we had Quinoa Sweet Potato Cakes, and this week we had Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice. Both were a bit on the time-consuming-to-make side of things but  totally worth it. Delicious.

I am still figuring out the best way to use Pinterest when it comes to recipes. I have tried a couple of different strategies, including having a Recipes We’ve Tried board and dividing recipes up into several boards so that I don’t have a hundred untested recipes to scroll through every time I want to look for that one thing I pinned that one time. Still, even if I know just what I’m looking for and where it is, it is still several clicks to pull up the recipe. Any thoughts? What works for you? I think I may be close to giving Pinterest the shove (only when it comes to recipes).