A New Method for Hard-Cooked Eggs + Natural (Easter) Egg Dyes

We have recently become enamored with hard-cooked eggs. I say “hard-cooked” instead of “hard-boiled” because I have had mixed luck trying various methods that promise the perfect hard-boiled egg, but I recently came across a method for cooking eggs in the oven that I was really pleased with. The method is originally from Alton Brown, and you can find the full “recipe” here. But if you don’t want to click through, it’s basically preheat to 325 degrees, put your eggs directly on the middle oven rack with a baking sheet to catch mess if one breaks (I had several break but no dripping), bake for 30 minutes, cool immediately in a bath of ice water.

Easter is coming up, but I also thought the kids might be more interested in eating the eggs if they were colorful any time of year. I pinned a couple of  photos of eggs dyed with natural ingredients, and now I have become pretty much obsessed with finding colorful food and spices to boil. This post and this one have lots of good ideas.

Our favorite so far has been the red wine that was probably past its drinking prime. It left little sparkles on the egg, which does make me wonder what was in it. We haven’t had smashing successes yet, as we are all (me included) a little impatient, and the colors get richer with time.


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