Things I Wish I Would Remember

These are things that I don’t always do when I bake (or cook) but that make the whole experience so much more pleasant.

  1. Start with a clean kitchen.
  2. Get all my ingredients and/or necessary tools out before I start.
  3. Clean up/put things away as I go.
  4. Get up  before the kids wake up (unless I am specifically doing something for fun with them, of course).
  5. Drink coffee when baking, wine when cooking.
  6. Use the baking time/downtime to blog or read (or organize recipes?).
  7. Make some notes on the recipe for next time.

What would you add?


2 Responses

  1. Ohh definitely start w/ a clean kitchen. Nothing is more frustrating than working around dirty dishes.

    I’d also have to say – don’t try to do too much at once. If I plan a marathon day, I can guarantee that the last thing I make won’t turn out right. I’m too tired by the end.

  2. For me: No cooking/baking at 8pm. I’m prone to mistakes and major memory lapses when I’m tired!

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