In the last couple of weeks I have knocked out a few recipes that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I’m linking them here for future reference.

Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Chana Masala was great. I’m on my own for eating chickpeas in this house, though, so I’ll probably only repeat it when I have specific plans to share. I’d also like to give this one a shot sometime.

We all liked Pioneer Woman’s Baked Lemon Pasta. A pound of spaghetti is a lot, though, so, again, unless we have someone to share with, I’ll probably make a half batch next time.

I was particularly bummed to miss the L’Abri conference in Rochester this year. Margie Haack did a session about cooking with cast iron. I got a skillet for Christmas this year and have been a little obsessed with it. Margie is planning to put all the recipes from the session on her blog. And I plan to try each one. So far we’ve had the cornbread (I loved it, but Jason thought it was a bit too buttery on the edges — huh?) and the oatmeal pancakes (they weren’t our favorite the first day, but we had some leftover that I put in the toaster the next day, and those were so yummy that I am thinking I’ll make them Simon’s regular breakfast). I can’t wait to try the Fragrant Moroccan Beef.

I have the ingredients to make Del Marie’s Lebanese Red Lentil and Rice Soup (Makhlouta). And, by the way, Del Marie is a creamery that my friend Daphne and her friend Annemarie are starting in Omaha. Very cool. They have lots of great recipes and other good stuff on their site.


2 Responses

  1. I *want* to like chickpeas but I don’t. At all. I looked at the Chana Masala recipe when it was on Karen’s blog and asked Jeremy if he’d eat chickpeas. Nope. Bummer!

    Thanks for the links! I’ll have to check them out soon.

  2. ooo, thanks for the props! just saw you tried the recipe. hope you liked it!

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