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What are your favorite recipe books? I mean, what are you tried-and-true faithful resources for finding a satisfying casserole, an amazing bread recipe, an hors d’oeuvres everyone will remember?

Comment with titles, authors, magazines, websites, whatever you use on regular basis.


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  1. So…do you want mainly books? Or also websites/magazines?

  2. I love love love this cookbook: Supper’s on the Table, Come Home. ( Recipes are easy to find, and even has the simple stuff, like how to make a baked potato in the microwave. She has invented her own recipes, shared recipes of friends, and adapted those. She also has suggestions of substitutions of what you can use if you run out of certain ingredients.

    It’s a meal-plan cookbook, so she organizes meals into 13 weeks, with suggestions of what side dishes to make with main dishes. You don’t have to use it in that way, but it is pretty helpful. I haven’t had mine for very long but it gets a lot of use.

  3. B, any resource you really like would be awesome.

  4. My all-time favorite, covers-it-all cookbook is the aptly-named “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman. It’s about 1000 pages and I seriously read it cover-to-cover when I first got it (ok, I skimmed some of the recipes a bit, but I really did read the whole thing). I love that every section (Fish, poultry, vegetables, grains, fruits, etc.) starts with information about the different types, how to buy, seasons, how to cook, etc. and then moves on to recipes. So if I see brussel sprouts at the farmer’s market and buy them on a whim and think, “Hm, how can I cook these?” I flip to the vegetable section and read about brussel sprouts, and how they’re prepared (steamed, boiled, roasted, sauteed, etc.), and consult his recipes to see if any of them trip my trigger.

    That’s really the only cookbook I use on a regular basis. I would love Dorie Greenspan’s Baking cookbook, but I don’t own it yet. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day looks great, too, but again, I don’t own it.

    The bulk of my recipe-finding and inspiration comes from the internet. For desserts, you can pretty much never go wrong with Smitten Kitchen. Joy the Baker is really good too, and Orangette. I blogged about my favorite food blogs awhile back, all of which I think are now linked over the right hand side of this very blog now. :) (

    Magazines – Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and Cook’s Illustrated are my favorites. I find it helpful to go to, since they have all the BA and Gourmet recipes, and you can read people’s reviews/ratings before embarking. But I have generally had good luck with their recipes.

  5. Oh yes, and PW’s appetizers, main dishes, salads, etc. always look amazing but I haven’t made many of them, mostly because they feed a crowd and are quite caloric! But they look like perfect entertaining fare.

  6. I also am a huge fan of “how to cook everything.” Although I have NOT read it from cover to cover, it is highly informative and has great recipes. I’ve also started using the website – it searches food blogs for whatever kind of recipe you are looking for, so you end up with slightly more interesting things that you might get from or one of the other sites.

  7. These are great recommendations! Thanks for taking a few minute to comments, ladies. I know it’s not always convenient to leave a note, but I really appreciate it!

  8. Nowhere near healthy, but Disney does have some of the best food, and the recipes get results that taste exactly the same!

  9. Quick and Easy Indian, by Madhar Jaffrey rocks my taste buds off. it’s quick, easy, and always delicious.

    Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day. Amazing bread.

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