I’m always thinking I’d like to add more pictures to Needs More Butter. This entry has some thoughts about food photography, and a lot of links worth checking out. And, speaking of great pictures of food, Andrea Scher has some beautiful pics of a Harvest Party she attended.

I have absolutely no shame when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth. If we have “nothing” in the house, I’ll find something. Jason sent me this recipe after he came home to find that I had opened a box of cake mix and instead of making the cake (too fattening!), I emptied the mix into a plastic container so that I can grab spoonfuls of powder from the fridge. See? No shame.

Here is a good tutorial for freezing fresh ginger.

Kelly made some Peanut Butter Chocolate Pudding that looks delicious.

There is something about Thanksgiving that makes me really, really want to have a dinner party. This menu looks pretty amazing.

Caroline Langston reflects on The Silver Palate Cookbook and how times and tastes have changed.

I find these turkey leg baby rattles a little disturbing. Via.

Lindsey opened my eyes to the wonders of Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. True confession: I was at Super Target yesterday and remembered that there was something salty and caramely that I wanted to try. I completely forgot that it was hot chocolate — I guess I was expecting a salted nut roll in a cup or something, so I wasn’t as blown away as I might have been. I will definitely purpose to try again, though.

Oh, those crazy Europeans made a car out of cake. Via.


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  1. Great post Renae! I love the miscellaneous items. I laughed really hard at the cake mix thing–I did that a couple times in college, except I think I froze mine? Not that it would make a difference.

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