Inspiration: Halloween edition

I have quite a few links to share this week, but I think I might hold most of them until early next week (I’m planning to participate in NaBloPoMo on The Grand, and I’m thinking about doing so here as well–if I do, I’ll need to stretch it out). In the meantime, it’s not too late to make fun Halloween treats, and here are a few fun ideas:

These cake balls look fun (and like too much work for me today–but cool).

If I had time, I’d make this Beef Stew for Firespring’s Souptacular tomorrow. They would give it some creative Halloweeney name.

Okay, I’m not one for puns, but for some reason I think Martha’s “Rest in Peas” is hilarious as a spooky side dish.

Today Is Fun serves up Haunted Eggs.

I’m sure Jason wouldn’t complain if I made a ratful cheesecake.

We’re making up some spidery cookies for tonight’s pumpkin carving festivities. I’ll try to amend this entry with pictures later.

And don’t miss free burritos at Chipotle on Friday night just for donning some tin foil. Via.


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