green bean, red potato, bacon casserole thingy

In the fall this is one of my favorite dishes. I just made it today. The quantities are a bit up to the cook depending on how much you want to make.

Red potatoes–washed and cubed

Green beans–cut up (I get the frozen ones when I’m feeling lazy)

Bacon–cut up into small pieces

Cream of mushroom soup (I usually use 2 cans, because you want everything covered in it.)

Salt and Pepper

Mix it all up in a pot and stick it in the over @ 350 degrees until the potatoes get fully cooked.


Inspiration: Halloween edition

I have quite a few links to share this week, but I think I might hold most of them until early next week (I’m planning to participate in NaBloPoMo on The Grand, and I’m thinking about doing so here as well–if I do, I’ll need to stretch it out). In the meantime, it’s not too late to make fun Halloween treats, and here are a few fun ideas:

These cake balls look fun (and like too much work for me today–but cool).

If I had time, I’d make this Beef Stew for Firespring’s Souptacular tomorrow. They would give it some creative Halloweeney name.

Okay, I’m not one for puns, but for some reason I think Martha’s “Rest in Peas” is hilarious as a spooky side dish.

Today Is Fun serves up Haunted Eggs.

I’m sure Jason wouldn’t complain if I made a ratful cheesecake.

We’re making up some spidery cookies for tonight’s pumpkin carving festivities. I’ll try to amend this entry with pictures later.

And don’t miss free burritos at Chipotle on Friday night just for donning some tin foil. Via.


Now, where was I? Muddly brain. Here are some links:

Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Say no more, I’m there.

Jane Maynard of This Week for Dinner claims this is the perfect cookie. That’s plausible, and if I get around to making it, I’ll report back. Via.

I have lately been a little obsessed with Ace of Cakes. After seeing this episode, I don’t think I’d like the movie (The Big Lebowski), but I’m pretty sure I would enjoy a White Russian cake.

I think it would be pretty fun to collect vintage cookbooks.

Darby posted about this coupon site. I tend to get all gung-ho about using coupons and then kind of poop out, but, still, the site looks like it’s worth checking out.

This chicken salad looks just about perfect to me.

Bethany is making quesadillas–and even has a pictures to show you how. Nicely done, Bethany.

And Kate is making yogurt in Niger.


I haven’t done too much cooking this week, but here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about:

The Pioneer Woman has a great tutorial on how to make pumpkin puree and then an idea of how to use it. I got some organic canned pumpkin from Target for Simon. It seems to me to have a stronger taste than other canned pumpkin, but whatever . . . the kid loves it. I did buy a small pumpkin to try Ree’s puree, so we’ll see if homemade is worth the effort vs. the Farmer’s Market brand.

Diane at GoodyBlog has a list of smart snack choices. I’m still going to find a way to justify Peanut M&Ms, but, you know, these are good too.

Here is an interesting article in the New York Times about a restaurant in Omaha (more about politics than food, but still, I totally want to check out La Buvette now).

Every now and again, I get on a hard-boiled egg kick. This has the potential to help me make that happen more often.

Cake Wrecks is a fun site that features professional cakes that go “horribly, hilariously wrong.” On Sundays, though, Jen features cakes done right. This Super Mario Brothers cake had me wanting a Wii.

Are the farmers’ markets still going on? I can’t ever remember if they go up to October or through October. In any case, if you can’t get to the farmers’ market just gotta have some of our friend Elaine’s chocolates (and you do), she recently launched a website.

Brownie Pudding

This recipe is from my cousin Ann. It comes out brownie-y on the top and soupy on the bottom. Very rich and oh so delicious.

Part 1:
1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons cocoa
1/2 teaspoon salt

Part 2:
2 tablespoons oil
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup chopped nuts (optional)

Part 3:
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup cocoa
2 cups boiling water

Set oven at 325. Use a greased 9×9 pan. Mix first 5 ingredients (part 1). Add next 3 ingredients (part 2). Fold in nuts (optional). Pour in baking pan.

Mix brown sugar and cocoa (part 3) and sprinkle over batter. Pour boiling water over sugar mixture. Bake 40-45 minutes. Serve warm with cool whip or vanilla ice cream. Serves 9-12.


This week Bethany wrote a really great post about the food blogs she reads (and, yay, she mentioned us!). I went ahead and added all her picks to the blogroll (I trust you, B). And it also gave me an idea: I added a category called “Inspiration,” and every week or so (starting with this post), I’ll try to post a list of food-related goodies (you know, Pop Candy-style). And you should too, fellow Needs More Butter-ers.

And speaking of Pop Candy, Whitney had a bacony craving that reminds me of something.

I can’t wait to make this Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread. I think we should have a whole category just for pumpkiny goodness.

Karen at Chookooloonks raves about chocolate chocolate chip cake. Dude, yum.

I bought a Toddy maker this summer, but if I hadn’t I’d be all over this recipe.

I’m volunteering to be a tester if Lindsey decides she needs one.

Breakfast Casserole

I love breakfast casseroles. Jason says it’s hard to go wrong with chicken; I say it’s hard to go wrong with brunch. Anyway, this is one of my favorite breakfast casserole recipes (both for its ease and for the final yumminess). I haven’t figured out how to make it ahead of time because of the two-step baking, but I would guess if you wanted to leave it in the refrigerator overnight, you could do so after assembling, before baking the second half

1/3 cup melted butter

1 32-ounce bag hashbrowns, thawed (I have used both the shredded kind and the cube kind–both work equally well)

8 ounces shredded cheddar cheese

3 cups diced ham (2 cups is actually plenty; you can also use other kinds of breakfast meat, just cook it first)

8 ounces shredded swiss cheese

2 cups milk

6 eggs, beaten

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Combine the butter and the hashbrowns and bake in a 9×13 pan for 30 minutes. Let cool. (Yeah, I never think ahead far enough to let it cool. It’s fine to just carry on.) Layer on the cheddar cheese, then ham, then swiss cheese. Combine the milk and eggs and pour over the other ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes before serving.