Bec’s Potato Chowder

I’ve grown fond of creating my own soups. The first one of the winter didn’t turn out so well, but today’s was delish. Here’s what I did… 

1) Into the crockpot, pour approximately 2 cups of chicken broth and 1-2 cups of water. Add desired amounts of chopped carrots and onions. Add chunks of turkey leftover from Thanksgiving. Sprinkle a bit of parsley and garlic salt. Turn to high, and then back to low because you just don’t know which is better. Cook for a few hours. 

2) Wander back into kitchen, sniff crockpot’s contents, then notice a few raggedy potatoes left in the sack. Peel and dice 4 potatoes, add to chowder. Toss in a can of corn. Wander out of kitchen. 

3) Two hours before dinnertime, begin checking recipe books so that you don’t destroy another batch of soup. Then add more garlic salt, pepper, parsley and thyme to the crockpot. Cut 1/2 lb of Velveeta into chunks and stir into chowder. Turn crockpot to high for good measure. After playing around with the idea of combining a few TBs of flour and a cup of 1% milk, discover about 1 cup of perfectly decent sour cream and add it to the soup.  

4) Give thanks and eat. And eat and eat and eat. (I’ve tucked away 3 bowls in as many hours.)  


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