“Oatmeal Crap”

This is a new favorite breakfast option at 1608. Joie originally made/ate it in Switzerland. I’m sure it’s actually pretty healthy, and you get the benefits of live yogurt cultures, oatmeal that lowers cholesterol, and that oh so good fiber.

1 part yogurt (whatever you’d like, we like vanilla)
2 parts oatmeal (the real stuff, not quick oats)
fresh or frozen fruit (I like the blueberry & raspberry combo)

Mix the yogurt and oatmeal together in a bowl, fold in the fruit.
Put it in the fridge overnight and the oatmeal with soak up the yogurt and fruit juices.
Eat cold with a spoon. It’ll stick with you ’til lunch.


4 Responses

  1. The name alone makes the recipe sound so appetizing!

  2. don’t let the name fool you rebecca, you’ll never go back to legitimately titled breakfast items, i promise!!! try fresh pineapple chunks (my fav) in it!! then you have hawaiian oatmeal crap, it at least sounds exotic then, right?!?!

  3. I made Talsma Oatmeal (hey, little pitchers have big ears so I had to change the name) Saturday night. I like my oatmeal a little goopier, so I added more vanilla yogurt and then I also add some milk in the morning. Yum-o. This really hits the spot! Great recipe, y’all. The only problem is that oatmeal never fills me up. Go figure.

  4. Oops. I need to rename this stuff “Lovette Oatmeal” or, for Renae’s pleasure, “LOVE IT Oatmeal.” Heh. I can’t stop eating the stuff… Every time I pass the fridge I dig in with a big spoon.

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